Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Weeks Later: No Weigh-In Today:(

No bother weighing-in today. I'll start fresh tomorrow now that I've eaten all the peanut M & M's in the house I should be good to go. No more cheating until Thanksgiving. It's gonna feel good to get into the 160's!. In this photo taken on Halloween, yesterday, is my silly husband dressed-up as DJ Lance Rock, the host of a children's show called "Yo, Gabba Gabba!" Either you hate the show or love it. We, L-O-V-E, looovve it! Bliss is a Barbie Veterinarian, Landis is a wizard, Cubby is a Power Ranger and I just sewed my sons Batman cape onto my back, so I guess that would make me "Bat-Mom." The other pic is my daughter and me enjoying freshly dipped caramel apples. I found these awesome apples called, "Grapples." I guess thy are infused with grape juice. They taste like a grape popsicles. I was totally caught cheating.


  1. You guys look amazing! Go bat mom GO! =) I love bliss's outfit. Diana was a cat, taylor was tigger and chloe was cinderella. It sounds like you guys had a good halloween and I know what you mean about snitching....I veto candy now. Its evil =)!