Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Weeks Later: No Weigh-In Today:(

No bother weighing-in today. I'll start fresh tomorrow now that I've eaten all the peanut M & M's in the house I should be good to go. No more cheating until Thanksgiving. It's gonna feel good to get into the 160's!. In this photo taken on Halloween, yesterday, is my silly husband dressed-up as DJ Lance Rock, the host of a children's show called "Yo, Gabba Gabba!" Either you hate the show or love it. We, L-O-V-E, looovve it! Bliss is a Barbie Veterinarian, Landis is a wizard, Cubby is a Power Ranger and I just sewed my sons Batman cape onto my back, so I guess that would make me "Bat-Mom." The other pic is my daughter and me enjoying freshly dipped caramel apples. I found these awesome apples called, "Grapples." I guess thy are infused with grape juice. They taste like a grape popsicles. I was totally caught cheating.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

9 Weeks Later: 17 lbs Lighter at 173 lbs.

9 Weeks Later: 17 lbs Lighter at 173 lbs. Actually I didn't get a chance to weigh-in this morning. However, a couple days ago I was 173 lbs. Today we get to carve pumpkins with the kiddos. With the busy week to come, it is resonalble enough to make a goal of maintaining my weight this week. Have a Happy Halloweenie!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

8 Weeks Later: 16 lbs Lighter at 174 lbs.

8 Weeks Later: 16 lbs Lighter at 174 lbs. Here I am standing next to my new Japanese Maple. See the scary black sketons hanging from it?

Monday, October 12, 2009

7 Weeks Later 15 lbs Lighter at 175 lbs

I am happy to report that I lost 5 lbs out of the 7 lbs I gained last week in Montana. I didn't get a chance to take a pic on Sunday. Here is a pic taken this week with my Girl Scout Troop donating their hard-earned "Cookie sales" money to a nursing center. I am on the far left standing next to my precious daughter, Bliss.
Goal this week (among many): To lose the last 2 lbs gained in Montana and 1 more for good measure.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 Weeks Later 10 lbs Lighter at 180 lbs

I was in Montana for 4 days last week. I attended a wake and a funeral. Which includes around the clock eating. And I don't go to the res (Ft.Belknap Indian reservation) without eating Indian fry bread. What is so hard to admit is I've gained 7 lbs back. I will be back on track in the morning and am excited for next weeks weigh-in.

I flew to Montana to be with my mother, Katherine, while she lays her father to rest. My baby sister, Sasha from Texas, joined me along with my niece, Kristi from Chicago. Follows is my grandfathers obituary my sister, Sasha wrote.

Frank “Butch” Edward Ereaux was born May 30, 1928 at Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation, MT. He was part Gros Ventre and Alaskan Tlinget. He grew up in Dodson and soon married the beautiful Katherine Longknife of Beaver Creek. Together they had 13 children and uncountable grandchildren and great grandchildren. He had an exciting life using his strength, wit and passion working as a Rancher, Deputy, Bounty Hunter, Railroad Worker, Butcher and a determined Wild Horse Catcher. He is remembered for his colossal strength and vigor at work and in play. But, as a Father, Grandfather, Uncle and friend he can be tearfully remembered for his perpetual gentleness, love and undying devotion. There are too many lives to count that he has affected with his intelligence and wisdom. His formal education was short, but his love of learning never ended. He seemed to have intelligence beyond his education and fostered this love of learning to those around him. His knowledge of history and current events always made for a lively discussion. But, it was his connection to horses and the land he lived on that he can be most remembered for. He loved his horses and when his grandchild, Kat, asked him, “Grandpa, what’s your favorite color.” He answered, so eloquently, “The color of horses.” This represents his spirit in so many ways. Frank died on the evening of Saturday, September 26 at the Phillips County Hospital in Malta, MT after a two year struggle and beating all odds of survival…he fought…like the warrior he was. He is preceded in death by his father Lazure J. Ereaux Sr. and his mother Alice Hall-Boles, his brother Lazure J. “Babe” Ereaux Jr., his wife Katherine and two of his children Billy and Glen. He is survived by eleven of his children Lyle, Charlie, Katherine, Vesta, John, Elaine, Gwen, Bonnie, Roy, Gail, Andy, his niece that he claimed as his daughter, Stella M Ereaux, his countless grandchildren, his sister Mary Alice Ereaux and many nieces and nephews. There will be a wake at the Wathatu Lodge, Wednesday at 3:00pm and the funeral will be Thursday, October 1 at 3:30pm followed by a burial at Beaver Creek. There will be a feed after the burial.

Written with love by his granddaughter,Sasha

Sunday, September 27, 2009

5 Weeks Later: 17 lbs Lighter at 173 lbs.

I have been scrambling to coordinate sitters for my 3 kids for next week. Luckily they have an awesome grandma Lila and Auntie Kat to care for them for 4 days while I fly up to Montana for my grandpa Butch's funeral. Sorry no time. And now my husband is dragging me outside to see Jupiter throught he telescope. Okay that was a white speck. Anyways, another 2 pounds shed.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

4th Week 15 lbs Lighter at 175 lbs.

First off, I'm sorry to anyone that was looking forward to last weeks weigh-in. I was camping with my daughter and 800 other Girl Scouts. But I was responsible for only 10 of them.

I managed to squeeze in a quick photo op today in the middle of my son's 5th birthday party. My son requested cupcakes with no frosting and a cake without frosting either. So I got a couple different ideas from the back of cake boxes and came up with this...confetti cake mix baked inside of ice cream cones with gummie Life Savers on top and the candle in the middle. My husband liked it he says, "Because there was cake all the way to the bottom." I liked it because it was sooo much easier to clean up after.

I gave myself permission to cheat yesterday at the end of 4 weeks. So I went to In-N-Out and ordered my usual. I have to say, "Huh, not so impressed." Kind of bummed

'cause I really wanted to lose myself in ecstasy. But also relieved that I can stop craving it. Now I crave seeing the scale move in the right direction.

Here's a funny story...I know where 12 of my 15 lbs I lost went to. My husband found them. In one month he managed to gain 12 lbs. He is so sweet and empathetic. I think he feels my hunger and starts craving food. He made 4 or 5 roast in the crock pot this month. Then devours it 'til it's gone(thank goodness for me). Next time he makes one I'll be sure to divide it up into separate lunch portions for him to take to work.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 Weeks Later 11lbs. Lighter

I'm surprised I lost only 1 pound this week. Okay, maybe not that surprised. I did figure out were my weakness lies..."Friday family pizza night." My other nemesis is that first (cheating) bite. Boy that's a killer. I feel confident taking that first bite as if I'll have more control once I satisfy myself with just one bite. But with me all self control gets thrown out the window after one bite. There is no stopping. Another problem area was fixing my kids' after school snack around 3pm. I told Bliss (my 7 1/2 yr old daughter) that she will need to prepare her own snack to help out mommy. She was cool with that.
  • Successes: My clothes fit better. I must of lost more with inches this week than weight. I went to water aerobics 4 times and Zumba once. That's probably why my hunger took me by surprise. I went to my first party since dieting and triumphed with no cheating. I must say my weakness does not lie in junk food like cake and chips and cool-aid. So I probably wouldn't have had any anyhow. This week I will be more prepared for being more hungry with my added workouts. This week I get to add jogging to my mornings, thanks to my awesome friend Becca. She gave me her recently retired treadmill.
I started talking with a councilor this week to help me better understand these addictive habits I seem to cycle through my life. We came to a conclusion together that it is my response to triggers that I fall captive to. My homework is to address the trigger 20 minutes after I have it. Basically, I am not to allow myself to indulge that instant rather in 20 minutes which will allow my brain to catch up with my stomach.
  • Changes this week: I'll add a little more protein to my diet. I will not have that first (cheating) bite. I will wait 20 minutes before addressing a trigger to eat the wrong foods. And my kids will be responsible for preparing their own snacks.
  • Tip: Get to know yourself. And tell yourself, "Self," I'm the boss of me not you. And quit letting yourself boss you.
"Unless you're willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won't happen."
Phillip Adams

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1 Week Later 180lbs.

Last week I had a beginning weigh-in of 190lbs. This week I weigh-in at 180lbs. 10 pounds sounds like "Wow," but nobody mentioned it at church. So I'm thinking next week they'll really start to notice a difference. The bummer thing is yesturday I weighed less but then I cheated by putting some homemade pesto sauce (basil fresh from my garden) into my salad (twice). A nice thing that happened today was being able to fit into my clothes better.

I'm doing things a little different this time around with my weigtloss product. For example, I actually prepare all my food in the morning and put in appropriate containers like thermas'.

Current goal: Starting today I would like to lose 15 lbs more by Sept.19th, 2009 (3 weeks). Why, you ask? My husbands employer is having a company outing to "Waterworks" park. That means being in a swimmimg suit for about 4 hours.

Tip of the week: Prepare all your food in the morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Before Pic 190lbs.

Okay now, this is me being really brave. I consider myself a moderately vain person. I guess 'cause I like looking good in clothes and my make-up and hair just right. So it's hard for me to be 190lbs. Outfits just don't look as cute on me when in size 16. I don't know...some people can pull off a size 16 really well. But not me. I bulge in all the wrong places. My goal is to check in once a week with a pic and weight amout. But my ultimate goal is to be a "Hot" wife at 40 in a year from now (I had my 39th last week.) So if you work at "In-N-Out" don't sell anything to this lady on your right. And to my friends and family, I humbily plead, "please don't invite me to lunch." Instead lets meet at the river trail or the lake.

I soooo want to crop this pic and make me taller and skinnier.