Sunday, August 30, 2009

1 Week Later 180lbs.

Last week I had a beginning weigh-in of 190lbs. This week I weigh-in at 180lbs. 10 pounds sounds like "Wow," but nobody mentioned it at church. So I'm thinking next week they'll really start to notice a difference. The bummer thing is yesturday I weighed less but then I cheated by putting some homemade pesto sauce (basil fresh from my garden) into my salad (twice). A nice thing that happened today was being able to fit into my clothes better.

I'm doing things a little different this time around with my weigtloss product. For example, I actually prepare all my food in the morning and put in appropriate containers like thermas'.

Current goal: Starting today I would like to lose 15 lbs more by Sept.19th, 2009 (3 weeks). Why, you ask? My husbands employer is having a company outing to "Waterworks" park. That means being in a swimmimg suit for about 4 hours.

Tip of the week: Prepare all your food in the morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Before Pic 190lbs.

Okay now, this is me being really brave. I consider myself a moderately vain person. I guess 'cause I like looking good in clothes and my make-up and hair just right. So it's hard for me to be 190lbs. Outfits just don't look as cute on me when in size 16. I don't know...some people can pull off a size 16 really well. But not me. I bulge in all the wrong places. My goal is to check in once a week with a pic and weight amout. But my ultimate goal is to be a "Hot" wife at 40 in a year from now (I had my 39th last week.) So if you work at "In-N-Out" don't sell anything to this lady on your right. And to my friends and family, I humbily plead, "please don't invite me to lunch." Instead lets meet at the river trail or the lake.

I soooo want to crop this pic and make me taller and skinnier.