Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 Weeks Later 11lbs. Lighter

I'm surprised I lost only 1 pound this week. Okay, maybe not that surprised. I did figure out were my weakness lies..."Friday family pizza night." My other nemesis is that first (cheating) bite. Boy that's a killer. I feel confident taking that first bite as if I'll have more control once I satisfy myself with just one bite. But with me all self control gets thrown out the window after one bite. There is no stopping. Another problem area was fixing my kids' after school snack around 3pm. I told Bliss (my 7 1/2 yr old daughter) that she will need to prepare her own snack to help out mommy. She was cool with that.
  • Successes: My clothes fit better. I must of lost more with inches this week than weight. I went to water aerobics 4 times and Zumba once. That's probably why my hunger took me by surprise. I went to my first party since dieting and triumphed with no cheating. I must say my weakness does not lie in junk food like cake and chips and cool-aid. So I probably wouldn't have had any anyhow. This week I will be more prepared for being more hungry with my added workouts. This week I get to add jogging to my mornings, thanks to my awesome friend Becca. She gave me her recently retired treadmill.
I started talking with a councilor this week to help me better understand these addictive habits I seem to cycle through my life. We came to a conclusion together that it is my response to triggers that I fall captive to. My homework is to address the trigger 20 minutes after I have it. Basically, I am not to allow myself to indulge that instant rather in 20 minutes which will allow my brain to catch up with my stomach.
  • Changes this week: I'll add a little more protein to my diet. I will not have that first (cheating) bite. I will wait 20 minutes before addressing a trigger to eat the wrong foods. And my kids will be responsible for preparing their own snacks.
  • Tip: Get to know yourself. And tell yourself, "Self," I'm the boss of me not you. And quit letting yourself boss you.
"Unless you're willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won't happen."
Phillip Adams


  1. Cool, Shannon. I'm really proud of you. I totally gained 99% of my weight because of emotional eating, most of us have. You are so smart to work on you brain and your body all at once. This week you will knock it out of the park!

  2. I totally agree with waiting 20 minutes, when I first started I would be so hungry but like magic at 20 minutes after I ate, I really didn't feel hungry at all anymore.
    Good Luck this week! It is hard making the kids food, it gets easier, plus I've changed my kids diet too- Jeremy's lost 16lbs since I've started this diet because I've changed the way everyone eats, plus he's working out a lot too.